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Mi a legjobb stratégia a lehetőségekhez, Content Marketing – Why It’s One of the Best Ways to Promote Your Music

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Sign Up What is Content Marketing? Content marketing is mi a legjobb stratégia a lehetőségekhez more strategic approach to promoting your music where you create valuable and interesting content to attract and retain an audience, and, ultimately, to create fans who financially support your career.

Essentially, your goal is to pull fans into your world with awesome content and make them want to hear from you. Instead of pushing your music in their face.

Content Marketing - Why It's One of the Best Ways to Promote Your Music - TuneCore

In this strategy, you film the writing and recording process of your new album and release the videos leading up to the official album release date. The videos bring fans into your world, they get them excited and emotionally invested in the album, AND they can be used to drive pre-orders.

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Why is Content Marketing Important? And to be quite honest, fans are starting to get fed up with being shouted at.

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What do I mean by that? For a lot of musicians, the promotion cycle looks a little like this: release an album, promote the crap out of it, go comparatively dark to work on the next album. But with content marketing, you start sharing before you have anything ready. You let your fans in on the album-creation process with blog posts, Instagram stories, and vlogs.

You bring fans into rehearsals with Facebook Live sessions. You let email subscribers vote on merch designs.

Content Marketing – Why It’s One of the Best Ways to Promote Your Music

This accomplishes three things: It gets fans invested in your work both from an emotional and time perspective. Fans are much more likely to buy a shirt if they feel like their vote helped create it. In short, it fosters trust and relationships. Especially with many social channels being driven by some form of algorithm, going dark will only hurt your relationship with your fans. Sometimes it takes a fan being exposed to your offers a few times before they actually buy.

So the more you can link to your website, blog, videos, and email list, the more fans will be exposed to your offers. The key is to be authentic and relevant about it. Content Marketing is Long Term A lot of musicians get really focused mi a legjobb stratégia a lehetőségekhez the short term — you know, promoting the new single, building up hype for the tour, getting fans to watch the new music video — and wind up completely losing sight of the bigger picture.

In other words, the short-term goals completely overshadow the ahol pénzt lehet keresni a kifizetésekkel goals. Of course, having short-term goals is important — they help you see progress and stay motivated.

BUT, the problem arises when they take over. And that leads to discouragement and burnout. A good content marketing strategy blends the short term and the long term together seamlessly.

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Ideally, most pieces of content you share have a purpose, or some larger agenda. You link to your email list where fans can get that exclusive track for free in exchange for an email.

You use that email list to promote all your upcoming projects in the future. And another: You create a new cover video for YouTube. You link to your Patreon where fans can support you and get early access to all new videos and can vote on the songs you cover next.

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You use Patreon as a place to build a superfan community that will support you for years to come. You see?

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Know Your Audience The first step is to really know and understand your audience. You want the content you create and share to be really relevant to your fanbase and their interests. You can find some basic demographic information like age, gender, and location on social media analytics. Beyond that, you can use polls and surveys to learn more about your fanbase.

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Even posting a simple question on social media getting fans to vote on the kind of content they would like to see will be immensely helpful.

Some bands have found that a good portion of their audience is also musicians and release tutorials, gear reviews, and sound sheets.

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Others will find that their fans prefer longer-form vlogs to short music videos. Every fanbase online pénzkeresési tanfolyamok different. Know yours. Know Your Goals The next step is to know exactly where you want your music career to take you long term.

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Because quite honestly, there are more ways to be successful as a musician today than ever before. If making most of your money from YouTube and Patreon is a goal of yours and you have no interest in going on the road, all the content you release should encourage fans to engage with you on those platforms. Use Relevant Call to Actions Once you know what kind of content to create, you need to tie in a relevant call to action. Like we talked about earlier, each piece of content you release should have a purpose.

Conclusion Hopefully this article has given you some new ideas to promote your music.

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