Psychedelic Masterclass Spotlights Ketamine as a Novel Mental Health Medicine

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    On August 21st - 22nd, over 30 experts will guide attendees through the potential mental health benefits of ketamine-assisted therapy, along with its intersections with clinical care, research, and business opportunities.

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    The organizers have invited some of the most ketamine-knowledgeable researchers, clinicians, companies, advocates and experts as they discuss a full spectrum of implications surrounding ketamine-assisted therapies and its relevance to other psychedelic-assisted therapies.

    The early research into ketamine therapy demonstrates rapid and profound clinical efficacy, challenging current treatment modalities for a variety of mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and substance use disorder.

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    The Molecular Masterclass will feature three main panel types, covering scientific, clinical and industry topics, where attendees will learn about the history of ketamine, its pharmacology, its use in several patient populations, and the risks associated with the drug.

    Ketamine-assisted therapy is undoubtedly opening up unique opportunities for students, physicians, psychotherapists, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, investors, and many more who are engaging with the new wave of psychedelic medicines.

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    This Masterclass is designed to introduce attendees of all types to the latest information and thought leadership on the topic of ketamine for mental health disorders in a way that is comprehensive Wolfe Waves Trading interactive. More details and tickets to the event can be found here.

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    To request media accreditation, or to arrange interviews with key personnel please contact: Alex Krause.